Property Area Calculator

The Property Area Calculator calculates the internal area of simple and complex plans and prints a professional report featuring the floor plans or land plan/area and calculates the area. Reports can be delivered to your client or used in valuation and / or development reports. The program is of the highest international standard and suitable for private, corporate and government use.

Calculations the Property Area Calculator provides

  • Area - in metres, feet, hectares, acres, plus more ..
  • Perimeter - in metres, feet, yards, plus more ..
  • Distance - between two selected points in metres, feet, yards, plus more ..
  • Misclosure - is described in distance, percent and ratio

Functionality the Property Area Calculator provides

  • Printed Report From Program - includes diagram and dimension details
  • Line orientation - data entered as either internal angles, bearings or quadrant bearings
  • Line length - data entered as either metres, feet, yards, plus more
  • Layers - mutliple layers, each having individual plans and calculations
  • Customised printing - choice of information/calculations to be printed

Who uses the Property Area Calculator?

Land valuers, appraisers, property developers, agricultural developers, corporations, government land departments and surveyors.