Safe Custody Register

The Safe Custody Register is a database designed to manage, locate and track all securities, documents, deeds and Wills for professionals (such as lawyers, accounting firms, securities dealers, public companies and banks).

It is robust and can be used by small professional groups and has been licesed to a corporate bank. Corporate and larger users need to seek pricing from us based on user size and any special needs or modifications required.

The system has a full management and audit trail (history) for any document entered. Documents can be cross referenced and held at any location. Full security and reporting functions are set up with supervisor control and password protection.

The program can accomodate intensive data storage demands of corporations whilst being sufficiently open to small professional practices to be a friendly and useful tool.

Designed as a packet management system, Wills, Titles, etc, are referenced to a packet number and pages generated for release and inclusion. The audit trail and history ensure any document will always be found whether held or released. Reports can be generated historically for trust audit compliance. Clients can be 'imported' from existing databases too.

Corporate users will be licensed by agreement depending on size and user numbers.

The Safe Custody Register provides the following features and functionality:

  • Simple user interface
  • Simple and fast interrogation for location of documents
  • Password protection with multi-level user access rights controlled by system administrator
  • Encrypted passwords, user log-ins and client codes to prevent access by unauthorised personnel
  • Advanced reporting features allowing snapshots of documents held by you at any particular date
  • Client import feature allows importing of existing client data into Safe Custody Register
  • Supports multiple document storage locations
  • Document categorisation (ie share certificate,land title) for fast document location and meaningful reports
  • Document movement held in action log records
  • Unlimited multi-users over a LAN when installed on a network server