Property Area Calculator

The Property Area Calculator calculates the internal area of simple and complex plans and prints a professional report featuring the floor plans or land plan/area and calculates the area. Reports can be delivered to your client or used in valuation and / or development reports. The program is of the highest international standard and suitable for private, corporate and government use.


Calculations the Property Area Calculator provides

  •  Area - in metres, feet, hectares, acres, plus more ..
  •  Perimeter - in metres, feet, yards, plus more ..
  •  Distance - between two selected points in metres, feet, yards, plus more ..
  •  Misclosure - is described in distance, percent and ratio

Functionality the Property Area Calculator provides

  •  Printed Report From Program - includes diagram and dimension details
  •  Line orientation -data entered as either internal angles, bearings or quadrant bearings
  •  Line length - data entered as either metres, feet, yards, plus more
  •  Layers - mutliple layers, each having individual plans and calculations
  •  Customised printing - choice of information/calculations to be printed

Who uses the Property Area Calculator?

Land valuers, appraisers, property developers, agricultural developers, corporations, government land departments and surveyors.

Site Licensing

Single user licences are purchased after downloading the software. Multiple or site licences are available on request. Please contact us for the pricing structure


Software Details:

State: International
Version: 1.0
Updated: 01.09.2010
Network: no
License: annual
Support: included
Upgrades: included
Pricing: (includes GST)

Single Licence
$440 1st year
$165.00 annually*

Site Licence**
$440 1st year
$110 annually*
(pricing per user)

*The annual licence fee is paid the following year and every year thereafter
** 3 or more users