PostCode Plus

PostCode Plus operates in conjunction with word processing packages (Word and WordPerfect) and automatically places postcodes into your documents.


Throw out the postcode book forever! Postcode Plus is an invaluable, simple and cheap tool for word processing that automatically drops postcodes into your documents.

PostCode Plus operates in conjunction with word processing packages (Word and WordPerfect).

The program can be downloaded and installs in a blink with a button on your word processing tool bar. You can choose an automatic installation or install yourself and customise for advanced users.

PostCode Plus is an absolutely brilliant tool for anyone using word processing with no more pulling out the postcode book! The program is robust, simple and businesslike and designed to cut down on time wasted when producing a letter or document.

Competitive features include:

  • Latest Australian postcode listings. Updates can be downloaded from our homepage
  • Support for all versions of MS Word and for Corel WordPerfect 8.
  • Finder dialog is standard Win32 multi-tabbed design
  • Very fast lookup. Lookup speed is limited primarily by the speed of the host application’s macro language
  • Intelligent lookup. Users may enter abbreviated placenames as well as misspelt placenames
  • User control over lookup mode and return format.
  • Users can configure the Finder to suit their preferences


Software Details:

State: National
Version: 2.0
Updated: 01.09.2010
Network: no
License: indefinite
Support: included
Upgrades: included
  $22 per user
  (includes GST)