reaforms (AucDocs in South Australia)

reaforms generates and delivers a full suite of forms required by Real Estate Agents in South Australia.

All statutory forms necessary for Real Estate Agents to comply with legislation covering the sale of land in South Australia are generated by the program. The system also generates Property Sales Forms, Commercial Leasing Forms, and Residential Tenancy Forms.

Please note that AucDocs is only available to members of the Society of Auctioneers & Appraisers. For further information regarding membership, please contact the Society.

iPad App

As a licenced user you also get access to our reaforms App available for free on the Apple iPad.

Residential & Rural Sales Forms

Residential Sales Agency Agreement
Rural Sales Agency Agreement
Contract for the Sale of Land - Residential Property
Contract for the Sale of Land
+ alll Common Sales Forms

Commercial Sales & Leasing Forms

Commercial Sales Agency Agreement
Contract for the Sale Of Land - Commercial Property
Form 2
Agreement to Lease
Property Management Agreement
Expression of Interest
Business Sale Agreement
+ alll Common Sales Forms

Residential Tenancy Forms

Inspection Report
Property Management Agreement
Tenancy Agreement - Fixed Term
Tenancy Agreement - Periodic
Agent EFT Payment Request Form
Agent's Authority (Signatories) Form
Batch Summary (Direct Debit)
Direct Debit Request (DDR)
Form 1 - Short Fixed-Term Tenancies
Form 2 - Notice by Landlord to Tenant to Remedy Branch of Agreement
Form 3 - Notice of Termination by Landlord / Housing Co-operative
Form 4 - Notice by Tenant to Landlord to Remedy Branch of Agreement
Form 5 - Notice of Termination by Tenant for a Periodic Tenancy
Form 6 - Notice by Landlord of Storage of Goods
Form 7 - Application to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal
Form 8 - Application for Termination of Tenancy (Unacceptable Tenants Conduct)
Individual EFT Payment Request Form
Inspection Sheet
Lodgement of Security Bond Form
Notice to Tenant of Lease Extension
Notice to Tenant of Rent Increase (section 55)
Notice to Tenant to Enter Premises
Notification of Change of Address of Rented Premises
Notification of Change of Ownership/Agent
Notification of Change of Tenant
Request for Assistance
Request for Repairs (section 68)
Residential Tenancy Agreement for a Fixed Term
Residential Tenancy Periodic Agreement
Rooming House Agreement
Security Bond Refund Declaration (tenant)
Security Bond Refund Form

Common Sales Forms

Form 1 - Statement Under Section 7
Form 3 - Cooling Off Waiver
Addendum to Contract
First Right of Refusal
Option to Buy - Business
Option to Buy - Land
Termination of Contract
SC01 - Subject to Planning Approval - By Vendor
SC02 - Subject to Planning Approval - By Purchaser
SC03 - Subject to Community Titles
SC04 - Building Inspection
SC05 - Environmental Warranties & General Exclusions
SC06 - Company in Liquidation
SC07 - Bankrupty Sale by Trustee
SC08 - Building Contract
SC09 - Termite/White Ant Inspection
SC10 - Vendor Finance
SC11 - Let Out Clause


Software Details

State: All States
Partner: Society of Auctioneers
License: annual
Support: included
Upgrades: included
See for each State licensing.