Attorney Kit (Victoria)

The Attorney Kit (Victoria) is delivered in Microsoft Word template format by Lawsoft.




Last amended


Enduring Power of Attorney (Form 1)

May 2017


Advance Care Directive for adults

March 2018


Appointment of medical treatment decision maker

March 2018


Advance Care Notes

March 2018


Revocation by Principal of Enduring Power of Attorney or Appointment of Attorney/Alternative Attorney (Form 2)

May 2017


Notification by Attorney (Form 3)

May 2017


Resignation by Attorney or Alternative Attorney (Form 4)

May 2017


Appointment of Supportive Attorney (Form 5)

May 2017


Revocation by Principal of Supportive Attorney Appointment or Appointment of Supportive Attorney/Alternative Supportive Attorney (Form 6)

May 2017


Resignation by Supportive Attorney or Alternative Supportive Attorney (Form 7)

May 2017


General Non-Enduring Power of Attorney

May 2017


Formset Details:

State: Victoria
Updated: 12.3.2018
Network: yes
License: annual
Support: included
Upgrades: included
Pricing: $220 (per annum)

Includes GST.

Terms & Conditions


*The annual licence fee is paid the following year and every year thereafter

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