SA LTO Forms

Lawsoft provides South Australian Lands Titiles Office forms in macro-driven Microsoft Word Templates.

Updated 25 February 2019

PDF list of forms included

Document Type Prefix Form
Acquisition AQ B2
Acquisition (Subsidiary Interest) AQ2 B2
Amend/Vary an Agreement or Covenant VA B2
Annexure (Blank Form) B1 B1
Transitionary Blank Annexure (Transfer) BT4 BT4
Transitionary Blank Annexure (Transfer - Certifications) BT2 BT2
Transitionary Blank Annexure (Applicant – Execution) BT3 BT3
Transitionary Blank Annexure (Applicant – Certification) BT1 BT1
Blank Annexure (Statutory Declaration) BSD BSD
Application A A3
Application (Subsidiary Interest) A2 A3
Application to Register Death AD A2
Application to Register Death (Subsidiary Interest) AD2 A2
Appointment of New Trustees NT B2
Appointment of New Trustees (Subsidiary Interest) NT2 B2
Bankruptcy BA B2
Bankruptcy (Subsidiary Interest) BA2 B2
Cancellation of Retirement Village CR A3
Caveat X C1
Caveat (Subsidiary Interest) X2 C1
Cessation of Lien LC W3
Change/Correction of Address CA CA
Change/Correction of Address (Subsidiary Interest) CA2 CA
Change of Name (Company/Incorporated Body) CN A3
Change of Name (Natural Person) CN A4
Change of Name (Subsidiary Interest) CN2 A3
Client Authorisation CLA CLA
Covenant C A3
Death of Lessee determining lease ADD A2
Determination of Crown Lease DL B2
Discharge of Advance or Charge and Discharge of Orders of Court DA B2
Discharge of Covenant DC A3
Discharge of Encumbrance DE D3
Discharge of Mortgage DM D1
Discharging/Lapse of Caveat/Lapse of Restraining Order AX A3
Encumbrance E M2
Encumbrance (Subsidiary Interest) E2 M2
Extension of Lease EL E2
Extension of Mortgage EM E1
Extension of Underlease EU E2
Foreclosure Application FA B2
General Application (Excluding Change of Proprietorship) OA A3
Lease L L1
Lien LN LN
Lien (Subsidiary Interest) LN2 LN
Miscellaneous Advance/Charge MA B2
Miscellaneous Advance/Charge (Subsidiary Interest) MA2 B2
Mortgage M M1
Mortgage of Encumbrance/Agreement ME M1
Mortgage of Lease ML M1
Mortgage of Mortgage MM M1
Mortgage of Underlease MU M1
Note Retirement Village AR A3
Notification N B2
Order of Court (Change in Proprietorship) CO A3
Order of Court (Discharging) OD A3
Order of Court (Restraining Order etc.) CO2 A3
Oder of Court Administering (Appointing Manager) OC A3
Order of Court Administering (Appointing Manager)(Subsidiary Interest) OC2 A3
Partial Discharge of Encumbrance PE D3
Partial Discharge of Mortgage PM D1
Partial Discharge of Mortgage (Narrative) PM B2
Partial Surrender of Lease PL S1
Partial Surrender of Underlease PU S1
Partial Withdrawal of Caveat PX W1
Partial Withdrawal of Lien PLN W2
Partial Withdrawal of Registrar-General’s Caveat PXX WXX
Partial Withdrawal OF Warrant PW B2
Power of Attorney PA P1
Power of Attorney (Enduring) PA P2
Power of Sale PS T4
Power of Sale (Subsidiary Interest) PS2 T4
Re-Entry of Underlease RU B2
Re-Entry of Lease RL B2
Register a Heritage Agreement AH A3
Register an Agreement AG A3
Registrar-General’s Caveat XX XX
Registrar-General’s Caveat (Subsidiary Interest) XX2 XX
Removal of Caveat RX RX
Renewal of Crown Lease RC B2
Request for New Titles RT RT
Rescind an Agreement RA A3
Revocation of Power of Attorney RP RP
Standard Terms and Conditions of Encumbrance TC M4
Standard Terms and Conditions of Lease TC L3
Standard Terms and Conditions of Mortgage TC M3
Surrender of Lease SL S1
Surrender of Underlease SU S1
Termination of Development Contract TD TD
Termination of Heritage Agreement TH A3
Transfer T T1
Transfer (Dealing with Rights) T T2
Transfer of Encumbrance TE T3
Transfer of Lease TL T3
Transfer of Mortgage TM T3
Transfer of Underlease TU T3
Transmission Application TA A1
Transmission Application (Subsidiary Interest) TA2 A1
Underlease (Whole of Lease) UL L2
Underlease (Portion of Lease) UL2 L2
Variation of Order of Priority AV A5
Vesting V A3
Vesting (Subsidiary Interest) V2 A3
Vesting/Merger Closed Road VM B2
Waiver of Conditions/Trusts WV B2
Warrant of Sale WS B2
Warrant of Sale (Subsidiary Interest) WS2 B2
Withdrawal of Caveat WX W1
Withdrawal of Registrar-General’s Caveat WXX WXX
Withdrawal/Satisfaction of Lien WL W2
Withdrawal/Satisfaction of Warrant WW B2

Division forms

Division forms cater for division type dealings and additional consent forms.

Document Type Prefix Form
Application to Amend Articles AA B2
Amendment of a Strata Plan AP A7
Amalgamation of Strata Plans SM A8
Deposit a plan of community division ACT ACT
Amendment to Lot Entitlements AP2CP AP2CP
Amendment to Unit Entitlements AP2SP AP2SP
Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan AP3 AP3
Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan pursuant to development contract AP4 AP4
Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan by adding or removing land AP5 AP5
Amendment of a Deposited Strata Plan by adding or removing land AP6 AP6
Cancellation of a Strata Plan CS1 CS1
Cancellation of a Community Plan CS2 CS2
Lodgement for Filing By-law/Scheme Description/Development Contract LF1 LF1
Lodgement for Filing of Variation/Amendment of By-laws/Scheme Description/Development Contract LF2 LF2
Lodgment of Resolution LR LR
Amalgamation of Allotments RTA RTA
Deposit of a Plan of Division RTC RTC
Deposit of a Plan of Division not lodged under Part 19AB of the RPA RTD RTD
Deposit of a Plan of Division RTU RTU
Amalgamation of Community Plans SM2 SM2
Grant of Easement TG TG
Extinguishment/Variation of Easement VE VE
Lot Entitlement sheet    
Unit Entitlement Sheet    

How are the forms used?

Each form, on opening, displays prompts for information (ie. applicant name, address, reference). This information is then, where applicable, inserted into the form. Once complete, the form is open for review and complete edit. You may even choose to cancel the macros and enter the information manually. Automatic insertion of Signing Clauses is also provided.



Formset Details:

State: South Australia
Partner: Lands Titles Office
Updated: 1.7.2016
Network: yes
License: annual
Support: included
Upgrades: included
  $660 annually
  (includes GST)



Installation and Use:

The forms are extracted to your templates directory and opened using Microsoft Word's File[New] menu. They then are simply completed as a Microsoft Word document. Once completed, a form can be saved printed, faxed or emailed from within Word.