LIV Costs

Law Institute of Victoria forms are provided as Microsoft Word Templates.

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LIV Costs


Last amended


Barrister's Disclosure Statement

June 2015


Combined Disclosure Statement and Conditional Costs Agreement

June 2015


Combined Disclosure Statement and Costs Agreement

June 2015


Conditional Costs Agreement

June 2015


Costs Agreement

June 2015


Disclosure Statement

June 2015


Notification of Rights

June 2015


Formset Details:

State: Victoria
Partner: Law Institute
Updated: 1.7.2015
Network: yes
License: annual
Support: included
Upgrades: included
Pricing: $185 (per annum)

Includes GST.
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*The annual licence fee is paid the following year and every year thereafter

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Installation and Use:

Forms are purchased in modules. The forms are extracted to your templates directory and opened using Microsoft Word's File[New] menu. They then are simply completed as a Microsoft Word document. Once completed, a form can be saved printed, faxed or emailed from within Word.