Company Incorporation System

The Company Incorporation System automatically generates and completes all documentation Minutes and Constitutions for a company, including secretarial documents and all ASIC forms.

Minutes of the Combined Inaugural Meeting of Shareholders & Directors
Minutes of Directors Meeting - Appointment of New Directors
Minutes of Directors Meeting - Resignation of Initial Director
Consents to act as Director
Consents to act as Secretary
Consent to act as Auditor *
Consent not to appoint Auditor
Resignations - Director/Alternate/PEO/Secretary
Resignation as Director / Secretary (for initial Director / Secretary)
Notice of appointment of Public Officer
Register of Directors, PEO’s and Secretaries
Register of Directors’ Shareholdings
Register of Members
Register of Options *
Register of Seals
Register of Charges *
Register of Unit Trust Holders * Unit Trust Certificates
Declarations of Directors’ Interests *
Allotment Journal
Applications for Shares
Transfer Journal *
Share Transfers *
Share Certificates
ASIC Form 201 - Registration of Company
ASIC Form 484 - Notification of Change of Officeholders
ASIC Form 370 - Notification by Officeholder of Retirement

Documents marked * are provided for convenience but not automatically completed by the System. They can be completed later (if required) using MS Word.

No need to order shelf companies. The Company Incorporation System, on entry of key information, automatically generates and completes all documentation for a company, including secretarial minutes and all ASIC forms. Once in the the inbuilt database, all documents can be edited using Microsoft Word if any 'fine-tuning' or editing is required. All documents are printed in sequence for the company register.

The underlying incorporation methodology (using redeemable preference shares) is the key to the System’s simplicity and only several forms need be signed by the incoming directors.

Create shelf company transfers or 'original' company incorporations too.


Formset Details:

State: National
Version: 1.5.3
Updated: 8.10.2011
Network: yes
License: indefinite
Support: included
Upgrades: as occur - at cost
  $2500 for 1st year
  $500 annually*
  (includes GST)


*The annual licence fee is paid the following year and every year thereafter