ASIC Forms

Lawsoft provides a selected group of Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) forms as Microsoft Word Templates in a Module being a group of forms most used by professionals such as lawyers and accountants. We will include forms into the module on request.

What are ASIC Forms?

ASIC forms are Statutory Corporation forms necessary for corporate compliance in Australia.

What forms do we maintain in Word?

We maintain a suite of the most commonly used forms for commercial practice such as "to register charges", "incorporate companies" and "shareholder changes" and "changes to directorships" and only in Word format. We have fielded all documents for ease of use. We update the form to you by email as any change.

Who uses ASIC Forms?

ASIC forms are utilised by securities dealers, lawyers, accountants and corporations for compliance with reporting, annual reports, incorporation and company secretarial requirements.


Formset Details:

State: National
Updated: 10/10/2019
License: annual
Support: included
Upgrades: included
Annually  $220
  (includes GST)


*The annual licence fee is paid the following year and every year thereafter


Installation and Use:

Forms are extracted to your templates directory and opened using Microsoft Word's File[New] menu.